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Start the Process Now to Kick'em Out & Make'em Pay®
Non-Paying and Nuisance Tenants Cost You Time, Money and Serious Risk to Your Property
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Our Tenant Collection & Recovery System will ensure the most Aggressive and Effective Approach to Collecting Money due you
Start the Process Now to Make'em Pay®
Kick’em Out Quick® Evictions & Collections saves Landlords Time, Money and Effort by offering a “One Stop Shop” for all their Tenant Eviction and Tenant Collection needs. We will connect you with a Kick’em Out Quick® Member Eviction Attorney in your area that will evict your Non-Paying or Nuisance Tenant(s) just as quickly as the law allows. After your eviction is complete our collection partner, Express Recovery Services, Inc. will aggressively pursue your ex-tenant for the money that they now owe you.
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